Birthday Soirée

Glamorous and Brilliant...
Life Happens… Gillingham Studios is there to capture it in full digital or analog media.

Creative COMPOSITION is what we do. Photographs that WOW™ is what we deliver…

SSoirées and other social events can often be a challenge to capture on film (Static and Motion) because of the challenge of capturing the memory without influencing the moment. Our seasoned photographers and videographers expertly capture the essence of the moment. Take a look at this gallery and you will see guests that are interacting as if the camera wasn’t there.

It’s important to ensure that the guests are comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Our staff is experienced with building immediate trust with their subjects. We have a sincere passion for capturing social events. Our attention to detail and unique ability to capture subjects that are natural are what define us.

From weddings to birthday parties to showers, we enjoy the challenge of making each of the events personal as well as one of a kind.

Wow – that is how our guests described the photos that were taken at our event. We all looked so happy and engaging. The photos are definitely going up on our Facebook! We all looked so glamorous and brilliant.

Chanel Susette Mouiette · ABQ, New Mexico