About Us

We are passionate about blending media, ideas, and technology.
GGillingham Studios (GS) was founded by Robert and Sarah Gallegos in 1996. The initial core service was to provide an innovative and creative option for large technology based companies.

TThe corporate brand, marketing material, corporate video and official corporate websites required a “cutting” edge solution to maintain an edge in this very competitive market that demanded innovation and creation.

SSince then, Gillingham Studios has grown to offer a full spectrum of digital services and is one of the industry leaders in innovative, functional, and creative content that engages and excites the audience.

Our Team

Sarah L. Gallegos

Owner – Director of Business Development

Sarah’s talent for listening to the clients and transforming their vision into a “fluid” idea for the design and program team is the principle asset that Sarah provides as the Owner and Business Director of Gillingham Studios™.

Sarah’s experience and intuition for creative and functional concepts creates the baseline framework for all of Gillingham Studios’ projects ranging from Photoshoots to Corporate Videos.

Lauren V.M. Gallegos

Principal Photographer – Creative Designer

Lauren’s talent for seeking the vision of the end result of every project allows her to create the lighting, ambiance, mood and purpose of every photo and video shoot.

Lauren bring energy, enthusiasm, and charm to every project. Her ability to engage with the client is a valuable asset considering that our effort is to get the shot, design, concept right the first time. She “Wows” our clients with her charm and high level of expectations for both her work and her character.

Robert R. Gallegos

Director of Design and Programming

Robert provides the technical direction for Gillingham Studios™. He brings common sense basic principles to the design, programming, and execution of the many projects that Gillingham Studios endeavors.

Robert’s technical background with his talents for music, programming, editing, designing, and creative insights aligns the Gillingam Studios talent base which endeavors to WOW the clients with functional and creative products and services.

 Gillingham Studios 2 Locations in the USA

The Gillingham Studios Workflow

1Client Engagement. Understanding the client is equally important to understanding the client’s needs, wants, and expectations.

Our initial effort is focused on getting to know the client and their perspective. Only then may our team successfully deliver products and services that meet the project objectives and fulfill the project goals.

Our team will consult internally and further refine the client’s vision.

2 Proof of Concept. The client’s vision is processed through our creation and development engine to identify the following key items:

  • Key Goals and Objectives
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Success Criteria
  • Technology and Features


The vision will be realized through several iterations of conceptualizing and testing.


3 Deployment and Execution Planning. Our team will consult on the deployment strategy to ensure that the execution plan is appropriate based on the project goals and objectives.  Both short term and long term goals need to be planned for longevity and success.

Whether the client is a model, corporation, non-profit organization, school, church, or Moms and Dads;  the planning stage is critical for the overall success of the project to meet its intended purpose.

4 Client Relationship. Our partnership  and fostered relationship with the client ensures a long term commitment from Gillingham Studios.


” The Clients’ Success is Our Success “

 Our support continues beyond the  life-cycle of our products and services.

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