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How to Prepare for a Photo-shoot

Diet and exercise: Your body is your tool so look after it. This doesn’t mean heavy dieting and living in the gym, but it helps if you eat small, regular meals, and try to keep your weight consistent. Doing a little exercise also helps – not the heavy strength stuff, but gentle swimming, cycling, or running to keep your heart…

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Marketing Matters

You have a business. You’re offering services, products or both. Now that you have a functional website, video, brochure, poster, etc… Now What? Gillingham Studios Clients span the globe and come from very unique and diverse background and experiences. This forum has been set to discuss the many success stories in the context of how you are marketing your business.…

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What’s in a Name? William Shakespear’s quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” makes sense to us to affirm that it doesn’t matter what you call a “thing” it’s still that “thing”. What’s in a Brand? Now circa modern times… The company name is one thing – the company Brand (e.g., colors, logo, style, culture) is…

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Gillingham Studios New Site

New Gillingham Studios Website. We’re a modern design and production firm – always have been. For 15 years. We’re not a digital production company.  We’re not a media shop.  We’re not a think tank.  We’re not a software developer.  We’re not a creative boutique.  We’re not a business consultancy.  As I said, we’re a modern design and production firm… and…

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