Gillingham Studios New Site

Here We Go. "Allons-y"
New Gillingham Studios Website.
We’re a modern design and production firm – always have been. For 15 years.

We’re not a digital production company.  We’re not a media shop.  We’re not a think tank.  We’re not a software developer.  We’re not a creative boutique.  We’re not a business consultancy.  As I said, we’re a modern design and production firm… and by virtue of that; we’re all of those things and a whole lot more.

But more importantly, much more importantly, we’re people.  Smart, hard-working, experienced, talented, passionate people who thrive and perform in a culture of positivity, creativity and innovation.  And those people, that culture, and the work we produce accordingly, are a primary factor in why new clients hire us and the majority of our relationships span a decade.

With this perspective, I sat down five years ago to define the main objectives for Gillingham Studios’ last website, and the answer was remarkably clear: humanize ourselves, bring people inside, and let them experience our work and culture.

Fast forward a little over a half-decade and just about everything has changed in digital. Social networking sites have usurped aggregation portals as the most heavily trafficked web destinations. Our business today is more about creating sustainable platforms and reaching consumers across many screens (particularly mobile) than it is about one-off initiatives and micro sites. And awesome publishing tools have empowered a legion of beautiful and simple communication platforms.

But a few things remain the same. We’re still a design and production firm.  Clients and prospective clients (increasingly global) still hire us for our talented people and culture of innovation. And the web (now fully broadband empowered) still has the incredible power to touch a user’s senses via a highly crafted, rich experience.  As such, the objectives for our redesign remained the same: humanize ourselves, bring people inside, and let them experience our work and culture.

So, after many years and lots of wear and tear, I’m proud to announce the launch of the new Gillingham Studios Website.

The creation of the site was an opportunity for the entire team to push boundaries, as well as flex their creative and programmatic skills.  We still have an insatiable desire for innovation.

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as our team enjoyed creating it.  Can’t wait to hear what you think…