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Gillingham Studios' Clients Success w/ Promotion

You have a business. You’re offering services, products or both. Now that you have a functional website, video, brochure, poster, etc… Now What?

Gillingham Studios Clients span the globe and come from very unique and diverse background and experiences. This forum has been set to discuss the many success stories in the context of how you are marketing your business. Please feel free to share with fellow clients. Gillingham Studios is successful because our client’s are successful!

Gillingham Studios Marketing 101

Since 1995, Gillingham Studios has relied primarily on word of mouth. In the digital age – the word of mouth concept reaches far beyond the local neighborhood or even the state boundaries. We have been successful in meeting and working with clients all over the globe from simply word of mouth.  The testimonial from a former client goes a long way to secure future relationships and opportunities.


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